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Compelling, Relevant B2B Content Creation

If you need content that engages, informs and even entertains your prospects and customers, then we are the agency you are looking for. We start with your audience's interests or pain points foremost, then, when the time is right, we help you pivot appropriately to your product or solution.

We work with clients to brainstorm ideas, develop strategies, and envision the type of content that will get results. Then we write and produce the content including e-books, infographics, videos, case studies, blogs, quizzes, calculators, white papers, and more.

Client Reviews (2)

Very creative and outstanding content

Content Marketing

Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

I have engaged The Content Factor on a number of projects. Before beginning any project they make sure to understand the market, the product, and the customer. That ensures an outstanding outcome every time -- always on time and on budget. The Content Factor also conducted a brainstorming session with several key stakeholders in the business which lead to a year's worth of content marketing themes and ideas. Well worth the investment.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Computer Software
about 4 years ago
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