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Lemz helps brands to grow through meaningful action.

Which is a fancy way of saying that our job is not about pushing messages. We let brands do things. Actions that are idea driven, based on a real conviction.

Because what you hear you forget, what you see you remember, but what you experience you buy.

Consumers tend to respond to this. Because they really care about the brand idea (think 'more cosiness' for Douwe Egberts, leading to DE Burendag and much more). Or because they simply find it useful and enjoyable. Once consumers invite a 'doing brand' in their lives, a genuine relationship develops. As the brand experience continues to make sense, people start to take action themselves. Is this still advertising then?

In a way it is. Our work sells products and it leads to intriguing and newsworthy through the line campaigns. But this approach is also a fundamental shift. It means you cannot hide behind creative work. It takes the guts to be outspoken. And stamina and leadership to integrate teams and budgets.

The rewards? Lots of energy and great results.

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