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Founded by marketing pioneer Michael Blatter, Mirrorball is a full-service marketing agency based in New York City. We strive to enhance the way brands participate in our lives. As strategists, creatives, and producers we share a passion for impacting popular culture with everything we touch. Our immersive campaigns are steeped in cultural relevance and authenticity, helping brands develop deeper relationships with consumers.

Since 2003 we have fought for a future filled with fantastic feelings and emotions from the evocative campaigns we enact. It is these powerful emotions and lasting memories that can build or shift brand sentiment and move people at their core.

World-class brands including Perrier, Dos Equis, The NBA, Jack Daniel’s, Pepsi, L’Oreal, TBS, and Harley-Davidson have relied on our boundless thinking to create new opportunities to better connect with the people their businesses touch.

Competencies Include:
Cultural Insights
Live Experience Concept, Design & Production
Sponsorship Evaluation & Activation
Digital & Social Media
Creative Development
Influencer Marketing
Content Development

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