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About 5 Star Marketing Community

5 Star Marketing Community assists small business owners and sales professionals become more efficient with better marketing strategies, sales strategies & prospecting systems that work.

We help our clients gain a clearer direction when it comes to marketing their business the right way. Many of our Members & Clients have experienced more closed sales in less time rather than guess-working at trial and error marketing. 5 STAR Marketing has helped hundreds of clients and members find the results they were looking for.

5 Star Marketing services are 100% custom for each client—we meet clients where they are, whether you’reit's just starting out or if they need to push past a plateau. We'll help you:

★ Identify your target customer and referral partners
★ Write phone sales scripts
★ Develop an email marketing plan and design a well branded template
★ Learn to use a CRM database to manage your customer and prospect relationships.

5 Star Marketing Community offers ongoing marketing support for when you need a creative ideas to keep your marketing efforts fresh and productive.


OUR MISSION: Helping Local Professionals Grow Their Network and Build Referral Partnerships

The Small Business Referral Group (SBRG) has been organized to help develop new business through networking opportunities and education among its members. 5 Star SBRG is a category specific membership referral group with local chapters that meat weekly. We currently have chapters in Encinitas, Oceanside, Vista, Del Mar, and Carlsbad, and we are quickly expanding.

★ We also offer sales & marketing education that adds value to our members
★ Our members give referrals because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to (no minimum required).
★ No compulsory attendance. We understand you have a business to run, so we don’t penalize you if you can’t make a meeting.

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