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About The Monogram Group

We're often asked “What do you specialize in?”, expecting an answer about industry focus or platform, such as TV, web or social. For Monogram, the real answer is yes...and none of the above.

Our true expertise is building differentiated brands for clients, delivering immediate results and creating long-term opportunities. Our clients face substantial growth opportunities or want to change the game in a commoditized category.

Because our work begins with customer insights, we bring a B2C sensibility to every brand – regardless of category. The result is work that is distinctive and impactful, both strategically and creatively.

Unlike most agencies, we don’t stop there because we understand most successful brands are the DNA of their organizations. So we also operationalize the brand, focusing on every touch point as an opportunity to deliver the brand. No stone is left unturned.

Our process is thorough and proven. Our standards are high. Give us a call, and let’s get going.

Client Reviews (2)

Superb creative, imaginative branding, flawless execution.

Budget Range
greater than $200,000

Monogram Group has been instrumental in helping Tompkins and its clients with multiple bi-national branding, marketing, and advertising campaigns in China and the US. Both for US companies in China and Chinese companies in the US.

Tompkins International
Consumer Electronics
almost 4 years ago
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