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Why we're unique

We are Absintt. A product & service innovation agency based in Antwerp, Belgium. Our services can be used at any stage of the development process. From the early beginning of business definition up to the moment the product or service hits the shelves. With our unique business approach, we act as a sparring partner to become your company's competitive advantage!

As a 2012 start-up we are a young and dynamic team that builds an extensive network of partnerships around the company to guide various project outlines.

Putting our matchinginnovation process up front, we are able to innovate in many different fields. We have experience in product & service innovation, marketing strategies, process innovation support, and so on.

Absintt has three pillars: discover, match & develop. Each of the three co-founders is responsible for one pillar matching their personal knowledge, interest and vision. This makes our team complementary and highly efficient.

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