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About Us

Lasting Value In A Noisy Space.

We believe creating mutually beneficial relationships between brands and influencers creates true lifetime value for all involved (brand, blogger & consumer), and we believe creating this relationship & value should not be difficult or expensive.

Word of mouth marketing has always existed as the most powerful form of marketing, but few people have blogger, agency and retailer experience with digital influencers.

Our experience gives you a clear advantage over your competition.

The “relationship first” approach matters because good influencers get 5+ brand pitches per day, most of which never get opened. However, our recent campaigns have closer to a 90% opt-in rate, which means influencers not only opened our pitches, but they thought it was worth their time, creativity & platform.

The data behind Acorn curation is important because there are 31 million blogs in the US alone, which makes knowing who is actually influential a time-monopolizing and daunting task without tools to help.

Who We Are

Our team is made up of innovators, most of whom have also been bloggers. We come from Acumen Brands /, StaffMark, Maybelline, Rockfish and more. Each scaling those businesses using our unique ability to leverage opportunities both on and offline.

What We Do

We create and manage influencer marketing campaigns based on real relationships with data-vetted influencers who are insanely relevant to your brand and project.

We always to start with your goals, understanding your business and then getting a baseline of what success might look like. Then we curate the right mix of influencers. Whether that means creating new relationships or tapping into our existing ones. We measure actual influence based on proprietary data. This means we know what metrics are real, what influencers are legitimate and who creates quality content in an authentic voice.

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