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Full stack agency helping young brands make an impact in their community

Having worked in the competitive Asia to America marketing world we have decided to bring our skills to our hometown. Affinity culture is a full-stack, agile marketing agency that builds your brand’s digital community to cement your online and offline brand loyalty.

We build a digital brand targeted at specific launch locations in the U.S. Market utilizing:

🚀Social Media Strategy

🚀Social Media Ads

🚀Influencer Strategy

🚀Content Marketing

🚀E-Commerce Websites

🚀Pop-Up Stores

More than just clickbait, our aim is to build relationships. Our strategy is to test message, design, and demographics to find segments that will not only buy into the brand but will also engage in the brand’s story, thus creating lasting and fruitful relationships.

“We founded Affinity Culture as an international marketing and branding agency to help companies build brand affinity in new cultures. To accomplish this first, we learn your brand, gaining an intimate understanding. To us, marketing is about combining our knowledge of the brand with an understanding of the market to find the perfect target. From this point, we seek to build a community around the brand, both offline and online. ”

~ Marc Timberlake Bacani
Director & Co-Founder

"We partner with social media influencers with real reach. It is not just about numbers, their fans are more than just “followers”, they are part of a tight-knit community. Let us help you introduce your product to these communities."

~Guido Falconi
Head of Content & Co-Founder

Client Reviews (1)

Great for USA market launch


We worked with Marc at Affinity Culture for year on Ozmo’s branding and marketing. He has shown great dedication to quality work and is passionate in what he does. The entire Ozmo team really enjoyed working with Marc. Marc is a great team player and can get along very well with everyone in the team. In the marketing role, Marc has always taken initiative in making things happen. Even in the remote relationship which Marc worked most of the time in Houston while the HQ is in Hong Kong, Marc proves that he is reliable and efficient.

Information Technology and Services
over 4 years ago
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