Agency Portfolio Checklist(Download )

The more complete your portfolio, the more engaging your agency is to decision-makers. Having a complete portfolio with projects and at least one client review also makes you eligible to be scored for inclusion in our Top Agency Reports. Plus, many of the fields are used by decision makers to zero in on potential partners using Agency Spotter's advanced filters.

  1. Pick your top Core Services (Searchable)

    • 1 for Limited (Free), 3 for Standard, 5 for Professional, 5 for Elite
  2. Pick your top Core Services (Promoted)

    • 0 for Limited (Free), 3 for Standard, 5 for Professional, 5 for Elite
  3. Pick your Secondary Services

  4. Add your best Projects

    • Follow the five step process to filling out your project. Do not skip any steps. A more complete project will show up higher in the Project Search.
    • Promoted Projects: 0 for Limited (Free), 1 for Standard, 2 for Professional, 4 for Elite
  5. Invite your best clients to review you

    • Reviewed agencies receive 5 to 7 times higher clickthrough.
  6. Upload a primary image that works well with your search results tile

  7. Add more images to create a slideshow

    • This feature will help your portfolio stand out from other agencies
    • 0 for Limited (Free), 3 for Standard, 6 for Professional, 6 for Elite
  8. Update your “About Us” and “About Us Title”

    • The “About Us” section should showcase who you are and what you’re great at. Don’t make this section too long because you want users to see your projects below.
    • The “About Us Title” should be used to differentiate yourself from other agencies.
  9. Choose your Key Contacts

    • Use your public LinkedIn URL. Make sure the contacts you put in this section have their LinkedIn profile pictures viewable to the public, otherwise the contact will have a blank image.
  10. Confirm Location(s)

    • Make sure all your locations are searchable based on your plan
    • Promoted Locations: 0 for Limited (Free), 1 for Standard, 1 for Professional, up to 10 for Elite
    • Add a promoted location: Be found for an additional office location and extend the benefits of your upgrade. Add additional searchable locations directly from your agency portfolio.
  11. Complete the Clients section

  12. Fill out your Audience Specialty

  13. Verify your Contact Information: Email, Phone Number, Website & Social Outlets

    • Choose your email wisely. This email is where we will send new business inquiries.
  14. Complete the Budget Range section

    • Only your agency admins can see this section.
    • When marketers do a budget search, you will not show up in results if you don't have that section filled out.
  15. Confirm your Agency Size range

  16. Pick an Affiliation

  17. Fill out the Industry Expertise section

    • This section is to show which industries your current/previous clients have been in.