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About Andretti Sports Marketing

Andretti Sports Marketing is an Indianapolis-based sports, entertainment and event marketing company with satellite offices in Toronto, New York and Ft. Lauderdale. We are focused on providing quality return-on-investment for our clients by connecting their brands with key stakeholders.

The Andretti organization ranks among the leaders in sports business-to-business deal formation in all of professional sports with a client lineup that is a who's who of both national and global corporations.

Andretti Sports Marketing promotes major urban events throughout North America and represents clients in professional and amateur racing, golf, football, fashion, sports technology, extreme sports, amateur athletics, consumer retail, consumer packaged goods, logistics, made-for-television events, automotive sector, hospitality, technology, charitable and more.

By partnering with Andretti Sports Marketing you will instantly see the power of our brand ambassadors all working for your success. Through our collaboration with MDC Partners Inc. (NASDAQ: MDCA), we have 40 sister agencies that can contribute to effective staffing, creative development and fulfillment.

If you are in need of innovative sports, entertainment and event marketing solutions, we are the team that can help you break through a crowded marketplace to meet your objectives. The same drive and determination that leads a championship professional sports team, drives Andretti Sports Marketing.

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