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Why we're unique

Artlivemedia is team of people who live and breathe marketing, technology and experience design and implementation. We love merging intelligent strategy, exceptional creativity and innovative technology to help transform the potential of businesses into a reality.

We don't just take on any customer, we strongly believe that the best relationship is one of open communication with a sense of integrity. Which is why we wrote our customer manifesto to highlight the type of clients we'd love to work with:, if this sounds like you or the company you work for, we'd love to hear from you.

Here's what makes us different:
1. We’re one of only a few agencies in Australia that truly integrate marketing and technology development with in house resources. Take a look at other agencies, you'll find their development is outsourced, meaning no control over quality.

2. We price fairly. We don’t try and set ourselves at market rate and use retainers as a way of covering up badly managed projects. Our rates for government and enterprise are the same great rates will provide to small business

3. We're a full service agency so that means we give you multiple ways of achieving objectives rather than trying to sell you on something you don't need simply because it's our only service.

4. Our staff have been in your shoes. We know what its like work client side, and we choose people with relevant industry experience.

5. We make sure our plans are backed by supporting evidence and implementation tracked with analytics. No more HIPPO (Highest Paid Persons Opinion) decisions!

Out Services include:
- Digital and marketing strategy and execution across all channels
- Both simple and complex web and mobile design and development
- Supporting strategic and implementation services with high quality design and multimedia

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