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Why we're unique

We’re named after the wonderfully versatile Hammond B3 organ, partially because it’s cool, but mainly because it does for music what we do for marketing communications. It’s proficient in every genre, can comfortably blaze the lead, seamlessly fill in where needed, or be the whole band.

B3 Communications is an award-winning, full-service branding and marketing studio. So print, digital, broadcast and dimensional are all among our symphony of capabilities. With over two decades of experience, we’ve had the good fortune to have worked with hundreds of clients, generating around $4.8 billion in worldwide sales for them.

We’re based in Vancouver, but our experience and reach extends far beyond the Pacific North West. We have worked for clients in Europe, the Caribbean, the US and Hawaii, Mexico, Central America, and as far west as Japan. While some of our most distinguished achievements have come from brands with a global presence, each is matched by accomplishments for clients you’ve most likely never heard of. For us it’s not important how big you are, what matters to us is the size of your ideas.

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