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Why we're unique

First impressions with prospective customers can make a significant difference in your business success. Your website serves as the front door to your business. What message does it communicate about your brand, your products and your services? How strongly does it impact visitors? How easily can prospects recognize the value proposition you want them to remember? Bitstorm can help create business momentum that will drive top as well as bottom line results.

Regardless of your budget, Bitstorm offers a myriad of web development options to make your company stand out. Why settle for a mediocre web presence? Our economical WebLite™ Templates allow you to select from an inventory of unique website designs, each with the Joomla content management system installed to allow you to make updates after the site is completed. If you can work in Word, you can easily learn to make updates in Joomla. Select the template you prefer and we will add your content and photos. It’s quick, easy and affordable!

Looking for more? Bitstorm offers award-winning custom website design and development with outstanding Flash animated sequences to attract and impress visitors. With in-house capabilities, we also offer 2D and 3D illustration, CAD visualization and digital animation. Visually explain complex engineered products and processes or entertain while training employees and customers for higher retention. Bitstorm also offers high impact web-based promotional presentations called SpotLite Shorts™ that are an effective means of presenting product and service information to prospects and customers.

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