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About Hiebing

Founded in 1981, Hiebing has been successfully serving businesses for over 30 years. We are a privately held brand strategy and marketing firm of 60+ employees located in the heart of Madison’s creative environment.

You will find that we work hard, and our work is smart, original and most of all, innovative. It is why we foster and thrive on curiosity—about your organization, your brands and, most importantly, your consumer and customers. It is the combination of being target market led and holistic thinkers that is the core of what sets us apart as an agency.

It is why at Hiebing we take our charge to be more than an advertising or communications agency. Our charge is to find, design and deliver the most powerful interactions between consumers and our clients’ brands—wherever they may exist. It begins with a focus on the target market—developing and understanding the unique insights into your consumers and customers that will help you form a dynamic link with them. And it’s sustained with curiosity. By unabashedly asking questions, wondering what if and putting conventional wisdom on trial, we’re able to paint a more complete picture: the consumer, the customer, competitive landscapes, your organization, and of new possibilities. Only then are we prepared to offer up solutions to drive your business forward. And execute to perfection.

Regardless of whether you’re a Fortune 500 multinational or an area nonprofit, we approach every relationship both as a learner and a leader. And you can count on us to bring the heat each and every time.


Founded in 1981
Employee-owned, so we’re not beholden to anyone
60+ employees, $50+ million in capitalized billings
Located in one of the nation’s top-rated places to work and live

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