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Why we're unique

Our mission is to produce top quality design solutions for individuals, companies and organizations worldwide looking for an effective and creative method to promote their projects and businesses. We strive to be one of the industry leaders in the production of video commercials, motion-graphics, realistic 3D animations, websites as well as visual effects. We are always at the creative edge in developing new ideas with a burst of fresh concepts.

we understand that every client’s needs differ. Therefore, we see the constant need for change and we are always on the process of widening our scope of services to meet every client’s demands.

Kasra Design is the place to go for individuals, companies and organizations for an effective and creative way to promote their businesses and projects when all other advertising methods don’t work. Kasra Design is dedicated to produce quality video commercials in unconventional and effective ways. It consist of award-winning designers who add a special finishing touch to every video commercial to meet all the client’s criteria and requirements.

Awards :

Best in Visual Effects & Motion Graphic (Issued by MSC Malaysia - Industry Award for Excellence, 2010)
Certificate of Excellence (Issued by Malaysia - Design Innovation Centre., 2010)
Second Award Winner - Mobile Widget Design for Nokia N97 (Issued by Nokia - Asia Pacific, 2009)
Honorable Mention - 2013

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