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Catalyst is a marketing agency that combines complex data analysis, experience design and marketing technology to help clients develop more profitable relationships with their customers.

We do that by focusing on:

1. Acquiring the right customers
2. Increasing frequency
3. Increasing customer spend
4. Delivering a positive marketing ROI


Xeikon Perks Lead Gen Program

Campaign: The Perks of Xeikon
Three-dimensional mailing

Client: Xeikon: an innovator in digital-printing technology

Objective: Simple: raise awareness and educate customers on the benefits of Xeikon 3000 Series of digital label printers and generate 24-36 qualified leads. Sound pretty easy, right? Not so much.

Situation: The print industry is evolving. Digital printing is transforming the industry by enabling printers to produce short and medium run length jobs faster and most cost effective. The Xeikon 3000 Series is more profitable, more sustainable and delivers higher quality.

Target: We had multiple contacts to impress and motivate: CEOs, VP/Director of Production, General Manager/Operations Manager. Big dogs. Mostly male. These guys have clawed their way up the ranks with “ink on their hands”. They’ve seen it all. Tough crowd.

Creative: So, we showed them the perks. Literally. These guys chug gallons of
coffee each day. We built the concept and offer around their drink of choice: hot Joe. While it was a relevant offer (a rep delivers a free Keurig brewing system at the scheduled appointment) the impact had to be highly-caffeinated.

We developed a breakthrough, 3-D personalized mailing. Inside: four different flavored k-cups. Each flavor represented four key differentiators of the Xeikon 3000 Series. Also included: a short, four-panel brochure and a digitally printed label. Here’s the game-changer: the entire package was produced on the very technology we were promoting. Tangible proof of the technology in a production environment. For the target: seeing is believing.

CTA: Drive them to a PURL to learn more, register for the offer or download brochures and white papers .

Results: Projected response: 24-36 qualified leads. The final response was 105 qualified leads and a lead rate of 33%. And the buzz in the industry is giving Xeikon a much needed jolt. Drink it in.

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