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Why we're unique

We're a user experience firm that designs game-changing, mission-critical software applications for some of the worlds leading organizations and VC-funded startups.

We've got deep industry experience designing mission-critical applications for Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud Computing, Financial Services, and Medical/Scientific Instrumentation.

What kind of experience? Software designed by Catalyst manages:

• 50% of global security trades made each day
• More than 10% of the liquid fuel distribution in the US
• Over 17.5% of US paychecks
• The world's leading instrumentation for cancer detection and drug discovery

Our people are cool, creative, and fun to work with. They are experts across technology platforms, delivering stunning, modular, high-performance and engaging applications, available on any digital platform, anywhere, anytime.

We can fill a hole in your internal development team through contract staffing or provide a complete multi-disciplinary team to design your application from top to bottom.

We know great software drives great businesses. We make software great.

Quick Facts:

1. Since 1994 we have designed and delivered over 60 mission-critical SaaS applications, as well as 300 web, desktop and mobile applications

2. We deliver all of our designs as modular, reusable UI

3. We work in short, well-defined sprints and will complete almost any software design project in just 12-16 weeks

4. Offices in Silicon Valley, Washington D.C, London and Sydney

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