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About PainePR

Citizen Relations™ is an international PR agency engineered for the digital age. Formed from the union of four established agencies in the UK and North America, Citizen Relations is a highly experienced operation with a unique understanding of the powerful dynamic between traditional PR and social media strategies, holistically activated creative ideas and effective influencer marketing.

We have more than 200 staff in 8 cities and "dual citizen" firms in more than 60 countries around the globe which means we can deliver major campaigns on both a global, regional and local level. Our unique Hub structure ensures that every key region of the world is covered by our team.

It is not our reach that sets us apart, but rather our approach to PR which is based around the fundamental truth that people-powered conversations have set the communications agenda of the 21st century.

Citizen Relations is the amalgamation of Band & Brown and Brando in the UK; Paine PR in the USA and Optimum in Canada – all wholly-owned by the communications group EDC. In North America and Europe, we operate as Citizen Brando, Citizen Paine and Citizen Optimum.

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