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Why we're unique

Helping local, regional and national advertisers create custom, multi-screen marketing solutions.

Comcast Spotlight’s mission is to make the complex simple. We’re the experts in fragmentation, assembling the audience you want to reach, where and when they’re watching TV.

From mom-and-pop stores around the corner to the leading brands around the country, our focus is on helping all of our clients become more effective and efficient with their advertising spend. With a presence in nearly 80 markets, reaching 33+ million homes served by cable television, telco (telephone company) and satellite providers, Comcast Spotlight’s more than 3,000 employees are true local media consultants.

Reaching and engaging customers today means going beyond airing a traditional ad on television on one or two networks. It means selecting the precise networks to target your ideal customers. It means interactivity, inviting viewers to connect with you one-to-one. It means featuring your video online. It means offering customers the opportunity to watch long-form content about your business. It also means being able to accurately measure the results of your advertising, based on the metrics that matter to your business. That’s why we combine actionable marketing intelligence, state-of-the art technology and best-in-class analytics to optimize results for every client.

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