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We use meaningful innovation to drive our clients’ businesses

From concept to commercialization, Compass Marketing Innovation helps companies fuel growth through new business. We put our combined 40+ years of global consumer packaged goods experience, robust methodologies, and winning product launch expertise to work for you.

What we do:
* Profitably grow existing brands
* Create new brands and categories driven by consumer insights
* Forge marketing strategies and repeatable processes that fuel business-building new products

We pinpoint opportunities in complex consumer market landscapes
We don’t rely on guesses – we test hypotheses
We turn "blue sky" into ideas that soar

We are architects of innovation. We create, develop and commercialize ideas for new products and services that are meaningful and irresistible for consumers. We don’t design products, create advertising or sell media space. Instead, we work with you and the right set of innovation partners for each project to bring it vividly to life.

We spent decades marketing some of the world’s best-loved brands. Today, as CMI, our job is to grow your business. Sometimes, that means finding the best consumer platform for your just-discovered technology. Sometimes, it’s about uncovering and assessing new opportunities for existing brands. Or it could be about making sure that your new brand concept or extension will be meaningful to consumers.
Always, it’s about you and where you want your brands and business to go.

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