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About ContagiousLA

contagiousLA is an agile creative collective. We operate in accordance with our passions as producers and purveyors of stories. We specialize in professional shenaniganry, visual pandemics, and effervescent virality.

We're a full service shop equipped to mastermind, execute and inject infectious advertising into mainstream media veins. We like to keep things simple. By streamlining the creative process, we stay close to our client's message.

Think of us as political assassins. Instead of going through the process of positioning a new candidate, starting a grass-roots organization, running slam ads against the competition and rigging the election - you can just pay us to kill the guy. Simple. Easy. Clean.

We will help you create content that viewers want to watch. We work directly with companies and advertising agencies alike, offering only as many weapons as demanded of by the project. With our finger on the trigger of cool, we are contagious, outrageous and deadly.

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