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We’re Ctrl Shift VFX, a creative video studio in Houston. Our talented team crafts memorable, high-quality video solutions to humanize brands by evolving a message into a story that connects.

Ctrl Shift VFX was started in 2017 by Jocelyn Randolph and award-winning Creative Director Rafael Aguinaga. After working in the industry for years, they knew what was needed to create a new kind of studio: one that doesn’t ship the work far away, but listens to clients and focuses on amazing videos. Ctrl Shift VFX.

We’re leaders in Motion Graphics, 2D/3D Animation, Videography, Visual FX, 3D Rendering/Modeling, and VR tours. We breathe life into your vision to reach your audience through the universal medium of video.

Armed with sophisticated FX programs and a diverse creative team, we make the best videos for your needs. We’re not a bloated agency making bland, templated content. We’re storytellers that do the research to craft each project with precision. See more at!

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