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Why we're unique

D50 Media helps our clients win in Acquisition and “Activation” marketing. We leverage both traditional and digital media, including mobile platforms, to find your target customers more efficiently. We drive measurable results to help you win in highly competitive categories, where sometimes winning means finding “needles in haystacks,” or just a small audience for a specific product or service.

We are different in the way we blend direct marketing know-how, strong analytics capabilities, creative talent, and multi-channel expertise, to optimize those critical first points of communication with customers. While some agencies focus on impressions, visits, or engagement, we go further to transition the consumer from being a hand-raiser to a customer. For d50, this means starting with a registration, a survey completion, or a “like,” and then moving to a revenue-generating transaction or confirmed appointment.

We also have a “total customer” point of view. We recognize consumers are surrounded by messages and multi-channel connections every day, so our campaigns reach them in all relevant media to drive action and engagement. Blending science and art, we continually test and optimize, looking holistically at the media mix and messaging to find ways to achieve even stronger marketing ROI. Ultimately, we get results.

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