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About Dear Design S.L.

Deardesign was created in the year 2005 by Ignasi llauradó and Eric Dufourd.
Deardesign is the result of adding, to the expertise of its partners and contributors, the contemporary design objective: functionality and pleasure.
The dear design team is composed of professional in interior, graphic and industrial design and shares a very ambicious challenge: to conceive creativity as a whole. The suppressions of barriers between art and technique is the motor of this philosophy.
This is how Deardesign offers coherence and global solutions to projects oriented not only to companies but also to private people.
The deardesign innovative spirit can be seen in corporate images, in the creation and refurbishment of architectural spaces and also in design of products and venues.
Deardesign offers to nationals and internationals clients adaptive solutions within their market areas, such as market study, branding, brand positionning and global communication.
Our clients: Burberry, Nike, Munich, Lurdes Bergada, LVMH

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