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Why we're unique

At EVB, we’re huge advocates for the power of digital and social media to connect with new consumers, impact a brand and change culture. For over fourteen years, we’ve remained at the forefront of innovative marketing, creating some of the industry’s most memorable campaigns, and reaching billions of consumers with breakthrough ideas and forward-thinking uses of media and technology. We had millions of people “Elf Themselves”, “won the Superbowl” for JCP by #tweetingwithmittens, and helped Facebook monetize their business.

Today we believe that tomorrow’s brands will be built and reinforced within the realm of digital, mobile and social networks. Today more than ever, marketing should be designed around a social idea that draws people in and allows them to participate with the brand.

Our sweet spot is building experiences that connect with Millennial consumers. Which means working and acting at pace. Across all media. We use technology to help brands find their next consumer at the speed of culture.

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