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About Gasket Studios

Gasket Studios is a creative content company located in the heart of Minneapolis. We specialize in 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, design, visual effects, and augmented reality. We work on various projects for broadcast, live events, and all manners of digital delivery including social media and the web.

Our capabilities cross industries as we have been fortunate to work on projects for brands like Google, Nike, Amazon, and McDonald’s.

Gasket Studios also handles creative and production needs as well. From concepting and writing to arranging live-action shoots, directing and VFX supervision.

Gasket Studios has always been an early adopter, and we have been developing and working with augmented reality since 2010. What started as a test of new technology quickly evolved into one of our favorite and most exciting approaches for storytelling and content creation.


Animation Reel - 2018

Gasket Studios 2018 Animation Reel.

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