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Voice of the customer

Geo Strategy Partners is a full service market research and strategy consulting firm serving industrial manufacturers, business-to-business service firms, and economic development agencies since 1992.

Through our methodologies for revealing market insights and our frameworks for formulating dynamic strategies, we enable our clients to develop go-to-market strategies that drive profitable growth.

Geo Strategy Partners excels at voice of the customer-driven market opportunity studies, competitive intelligence, strategic positioning, and go-to-market strategy development.

Typically our clients are evaluating expansion into a new market sector, launch of a new product, strategically repositioning their business unit, developing a unifying corporate strategy, or innovating their business model to sustain or create competitive advantage. In most cases, they require a complete understanding of the voice of the customer, a thorough examination of the competitive landscape, and sound strategic analysis. Above all, we are responsive and dedicated to fulfilling all project objectives and helping our clients answer the most difficult strategic questions.

Our research and strategy services truly help you determine “where you are…where you need to be… and how to get there.”

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