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Minnesota Design & Marketing Agency

Our approach to digital is drastically different than other agencies. We help our clients create a digital experience which meets their customers on a neutral playing field, by implementing latent semantic application and outstanding user experience. By creating an experience which matches how people are trying to find solutions, GingerHippo helps clients tell the right story, which builds value and engagement.

Client Reviews (2)

Ginger Hippo is simply the best.

Direct Marketing

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

I had a good website and business that I shut down to go work with a former company, and lost all my traffic. Ginger Hippo came in and did a full redesign of the site at a much lower rate than anyone else, and the traffic growth has been nothing short of spectacular. With their support I've landed a major account I have no doubt I never speak to without their help...and that's within 2 months of starting with them. I cannot recommend them enough.

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over 5 years ago
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