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Creatively Directing Brands.

Branding is telling your story before the audience tells it for you, therefore, branding begins at inception. Gordon Branding Group is full suite brand development, marketing/advertising, and PR firm. From ideation to execution, our unique team of experts with years of experience provides organizations of all sizes with optimal, end-to-end strategic and sustainable results.

Gordon Branding Group works with businesses holistically by improving their strategic marketing approach which, in turn, will increase revenue
yields. Our company is a minority woman-owned small business, with
clients nationwide and continuously growing.

Client Reviews (1)

You’re happy when your business is making you more money than you expected!

Marketing Strategy

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

After meeting with the Gordon Branding group and me explaining exactly what I expected, they came with a strategy, precise plan, and exciting details. My company combines health and beauty, and in order to execute great marketing with my kind of company you have to understand how to integrate both effectively. The Gordon Branding Group knocked this out of the box! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. CINCHÉd is my passion and being able to make a living and take excellent care of my children off of this business that I created, is outstanding. The Gordon Branding Group helped exposed my business all over the world so that people could learn more about our budding company while becoming consistent, life long, happy consumers. I am so astonished with the results! As the CEO, I’m really, really ecstatic that we hired Gordon Branding Group!

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Health, Wellness and Fitness
over 1 year ago
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