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Why we're unique

HSC is a partner to pharmaceutical, biotech, and device companies, providing scientific strategy, medical education, and peer-to-peer initiatives to maximize the value of their brands with scientific integrity. HSC is a member of Healthcare Consultancy Group (HCG) and part of the Omnicom group.

At Health Science Communications (HSC) we share a genius for translating scientific promise into clinical reality. Our large team of medical directors and marketing experts maximizes the value of brands through market-shifting initiatives while maintaining their scientific integrity.

We Rock the Science
Whether we are working on a new product, a cool device, or a franchise to build, or refocusing and refreshing an established brand, our team will uncover the scientific differentiation that matters. We translate complex data into impactful and meaningful messages while protecting the integrity of a product's science. Our creative, interactive, and digital teams will make it rock, and our marketing experts will make sure this matters to our customers!

We Meaningfully Engage
Establishing a tailored dialogue with one's customers is essential to any brand's success. By leveraging multichannel programming, we provide the breadth of engagement styles and forums that brings customers into an open and meaningful conversation.

We Bring Out Our Clients' Unique Value
Driving value for brands is essential to our philosophy. We always investigate, clarify, and identify the unique value that our clients' products and services can add to the market from every perspective. This allows us to provide compelling evidence and innovative tools to inform healthcare decisions, optimize labeling claims, and enable value-based differentiation.

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