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Digital UX/UI design agency crafting delightful experiences

We are an Experience Design agency headquartered in Mumbai and branches in UK and Dubai. Formerly known as CraftUX, in the last 5+ years we have worked across domains with clients such as Aditya Birla Capital, NewsCorp, Tata Motors, DaVita, Pearson Education, Informa Group, Godrej, MakeMyTrip, and others, to simplify complex user journeys through design.

We are problem solvers and operate as design partners for product teams within companies. We offer an array of services for companies that are looking at specialised services in the user experience domain.

Our specialized bouquet of services:

Experience Design:
We partner with product owners in researching, sketching, prototyping, iterating and testing design solutions to create delightful user experiences across multiple channels.

Design System:
Design Guidelines and Inventory that empower multiple teams within your organisation to work with consistency and speed.

UX Inspect:
A 2 week expert evaluation of your product aimed at identifying the gaps in the customer interaction points.

Behavioural Research:
Diving deep into the unknown with a wide range of techniques for gathering meaningful, actionable information about what motivates people.

Usability Testing:
Users decide the fate of your product. Know them up-close. Employ real users to test your product. Use data to understand if the product is usable and intuitive.

Lean UX:
A go-to-market tactical approach to design that offers robust experience and a quick turnaround time. A flexible yet a thorough approach to design in developing a prototype in an inexpensive way.

Multi-Channel Study:
Your users are interacting with your product at multiple touch points. Is the experience consistent and seamless to inspire and motivate the user? Let’s examine.

An immersive and interactive, all stakeholder session to empower teams and instill design thinking conducted by trained UX professionals and leaders.

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