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Valuable Promotions

IC Group is an interactive promotions partner for brands and agencies seeking the best in online promotion and performance-based marketing solutions that activate sales, consumer acquisition and retention strategies.

Since 1989, IC Group has been delivering regional, national and international promotions for the world’s top brands and agencies from all over North America and Europe.

We have provided innovative solutions to marketing needs through every aspect of promotion planning, development and execution as well as insurance and risk management services to help mitigate risk to clients. This has allowed us to carve a unique and ever-growing niche in the promotions marketplace as a supplier that can create the big impact with all the security a client needs.

What sets us apart is our full-circle, performance-based approach to promotional marketing management; how we help our clients not only increase sales and acquire new consumers, but build a valuable promotion cycle that fuels direct, long-term consumer relationships.

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