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About Us

Ingenious Design is a Design Agency specialised in Brand Packaging and Design Strategy for FMCG and Mastige categories. We got our DNA from our previous Japanese agency owner IDA co. ltd.** based in Okayama, Japan.

Since 2010, We have been developing successful Design for both MNCs and Local SMEs across South Asian region, creating a new way to approach Business by using Design Management principles.
“We believe that Design is like Chinese Medecine, we want to work with the consumers more than the product itself, Chinese medicine as always consider the patient more than the illness. It takes more time but it last longer”, Says Daniel Kwintner, ID Director

Ingenious Design focuses on bringing the Japanese expertise and in-depth knowledge about package design and design management to South East Asian markets. Ingenious Design is a gateway for South East Asian companies planning to expand their markets to Japan.

Some Ingenious Design clients are as P&G, Nissin, Pokka, Yakult, Abbott Nutrition, Takara Shuzo and many others...

**IDA is one of the biggest design production studios in Japan and is specialised in package design, Brand Building and design management consulting. Founded in 1976 by Inoue Isao in Okayama, the company has been growing over the past 39 years and extending its business all over Japan with some developments in Hong Kong and China. Ingenious Design Singapore is its first International Office and is headed by Daniel Kwintner.

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