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About Inkod Hypera

Inkod Hypera is leading UX & UI Design projects for Digital Products.
Whether it's a Web, Tablet or Mobile product - It's All About The Concept!

Most of our clients turn to us to provide them professional assistance at early stage of a project, and together we work on formulating their idea in to product. Once a product concept is defined, we start to work on the product's user experience (UX).

The process of planning and designing the digital user experience includes a detailed UX design process alongside a creative graphical user interface (UI) design process.

The key milestones of the process are Product Concept - Benchmark - Personas - MVP features list - User Experience Concept - Graphic concept – UI Design – Usability Testing ...and Product Launch.

As a leading UX and UI design company, we strive for synergy based on full cooperation between us and our clients and therefore adjust the overall work process segments and objectives per each client and project.

The professional experience we have accumulated gives our clients both a competitive advantage and business success.

If your services complement our area of expertise, we'd love to meet you.
If you are a prospective client, we'd love to work with you!

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