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inspires, energizes, and innovates

Innovations_Digital is a digital focused specialized influence agency that aims to innovate, inspire and energize brand conversations, engagements and experiences.

We were born digital. Unlike many large agencies who are busy today trying to absorb digital into their service spectrum (and probably making a hash of it), we were always ‘digital’ from the word go. Way back in 2005.

But just because we are focused on digital, does not mean we’re not ‘analog’ friendly – we do it all. From brand identity development down to print and broadcast, advocacy and PR (with of course an e-PR angle), and media planning and strategy with our partners and sister agencies. yes, we have lots of sisters. And a couple of brothers too.

We work across the region in the Middle East via several satellite offices and group agency relationships.

While we have a strong team here in Dubai, our model is based on a unique concept called ‘smartsourcing’ – where we either work with our internationally aligned design and development partnerships, or resource some of the best talent and development/delivery facilities globally. Either way, we are able to find leading edge, world standard digital solutions for our clients.

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