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Who We Are

Hey, this page is supposed to make us look good. It’s supposed to make our ego huge.

IQD started operating in 2010 selling web-marketing services. We were striving to get more clients and bigger clients, bigger and ‘better’. We were chasing another fancy award. We’d collected seven within five years, but somehow it was never enough. Then one day we reached a point and asked ourselves ‘why are we chasing the bigger? What is the purpose of all this?’

The purpose was, and still is, to help, to be of service. The intention was always right; help others achieve their goals. We always believed that we could have a better tomorrow if we lived in the moment and worked hard today.
From providing web marketing services, we became a full house marketing agency working with a wide variety of clients. So far during our journey we had had our highs and our lows. At some point, during one of those lows, we decided to make a change, to ignite our passion once again. We asked ourselves what we were most passionate about and how we could make the most impact for our clients? In fact, we asked ourselves how we could transform our clients lives?

We are in love with emotional and authentic storytelling. We believe that great purposeful stories that are true to a brand are the most powerful stories. With great stories we can make a positive change in this world, increase profitability and of course direct bookings. With authentic storytelling, you don’t have to compete, because you know who you are and what you stand for. You can differentiate yourself and stand out by articulating your story in an interesting and inspiring way to capture the attention of potential guests.
At some point we ‘gave up’ the fancy offices, the ties and the ‘must look successful’ look that we had tried to project. We decided to focus and become the best storytellers for boutique hotels, so that we could charge more and provide more value for our clients.  And we don’t say more ‘value’ to sound nice and clichéd, but genuinely to identify how we can help our clients achieve their best results.
We decided to help hotel brands create meaningful stories and purposeful content that would lead to happier guests and thereby increase profitability. The reason why we choose boutique hotels is because we believe that people want to escape their everyday life a little and amazing hotels can provide a great experience for their guests. Unique hotels like these have the power to create amazing stories for guests to remember for a lifetime.  (The other reason is because we get to stay in amazing hotels and have this great experience ‘on the house’.)

Today our passionate team is working remotely, in coffee shops, their houses, wearing t-shirts (in Cyprus) and jeans (in London). Our aim is to keep building a company that makes others proud of their work and adds meaning to the lives of everyone we come into contact with.

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