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Why we're unique

Simply Data, Simply Priced.

Our roots have come from QED, MDR, MCH, and the launch of Agile. Our business model is to offer data differently and fresh. You have 24/7 online access to the e-commerce way we deliver data with the upside of getting good data at a fair price.

No minimum orders
No added cost for selects
No phone calls for counts
Just straightforward data, delivery, and pricing

The data is leased on an annual basis with unlimited use for 12 months. You download the data (Excel/CSV file) from your K-12 Data Account, including the email address. You bring the whole file in-house and manage your email and mail deployments.

We collect education data every week of the year. The website is live, the data is live, and the counts are updating regularly on our website.

We also stand by the quality of our institutional data. We will fully credit validated hard bounces exceeding 8%.

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