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Word of mouth market research

The Keller Fay Group is the first full-service marketing research and consulting company dedicated exclusively to word of mouth marketing. The firm was founded by Ed Keller, former CEO of RoperASW and NOP World Consumer and co-author of The Influentials: One in Ten Tells the Other Nine How to Vote, Where to Eat and What to Buy, and Brad Fay, former managing director at Roper and NOP World.

We conduct ongoing research with consumers about their word of mouth conversations regarding products, services, and brands – 36,000 interviews are conducted each year (since 2006), during which consumers report on their conversations about 350,000+ brands per year.

We serve leading brands, agencies, and media that seek to capitalize on the most powerful force in the marketplace today – the power of word of mouth (WOM).

We offer research-based strategy development and innovative approaches for testing, evaluating, tracking, and improving your word of mouth.

Our authoritative research brings fact-based clarity to your decision making. In the process, we often find ourselves debunking WOM myths leading our clients to adapt new or modified approaches to their marketing. Our research has been called “eye opening” by current and prospective clients.

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