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Dentists Don't Hire Us For 'More Of The Same'

Award-Winning Dental Marketing Services

With over ten years of experience in working with General Dentists, Orthodontists & Pediatric Dentists of all sizes, we have developed an award-winning campaign strategy using proven dental marketing services that has proven to drive new patient counts and bottom-line revenue.

#1: Build a Best-In-Class Website That Converts Clicks Into New Patients
You can no longer just “have a website,” today you must have a great website that acts as the hub for all of your marketing activity and one that provides multiple ways for potential new patients to connect with you.

#2: Attract the Right Kind of New Patients
Dental marketing services that help you be found and chosen. There is no question on how a majority of potential new patients are finding their new dentist; they are using Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more. It is a must that your practice shows up when these potential new patients are looking for a dentist.

#3: Build & Show Off Your Great Online Reviews
Did you know that 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? [BrightLocal, Local Consumer Review Survey] Like it or not, online reviews can make or break a practice. You need to have frequent reviews, several each week.

#4: Become a Local Authority & Build Your Brand
Becoming an authority in your field is a great way to stand out from your competition and position yourself as a leader in your city. It can help unlock new patient opportunities that you would never imagine. Supporting your local community can also have huge impacts on your bottom line. There is no better way to show this type of support than having potential new patients seeing that your practice is being featured on major news networks.

#5: Help You Convert More Calls Into Patients
Just getting new patients to call your office is not enough for us, we also put in to place a strategy to help you get more of these new leads scheduled. Many practices are lucky even to convert 50% of qualified new patient calls, but with just a little training, that conversion rate can jump way up!

#6: Tracking Results, Real Results & Providing World-Class Customer Service
Nobody in the business is as transparent as we are, nor do they provide the type of support that we do! We are a results-oriented organization, so we report on real business metrics. There are companies in our space that will send out an emailed report to their clients each month, showing graphs and charts showing website traffic, clicks, impressions, and other metrics that you may not even understand. These metrics are valuable, but the real bottom line is how many actual new patient leads did the campaign produce.

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