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Why LitmusBox

We're a team of passionate, creative thinkers and problem solvers. We are a digital engagement agency dedicated to helping companies solve user engagement issues and more through experiences, consulting and development.

Our team is solution agnostic and has both the skills and confidence to create your vision using any technologies and platforms that suit you best.

Client Reviews (4)

Exceptional team


JT and the LitmusBox team approach problem-solving with exceptional thoughtfulness and their work is executed with great care and skill. When planning new features or solving issues, JT and team ask good questions to ensure that they truly understand the problem or use case at hand.

Throughout the development process, LitmusBox is consistently responsive and accessible, and provides us with top-notch support when troubleshooting unexpected issues, even outside of business hours.

Product Manager
Say Media
Computer Software
almost 5 years ago
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