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About LiveWork

At Livework we fundamentally believe that there is huge opportunity in services that are truly valuable to customers. But we don’t just believe this; we strive to prove it on each and every project. Our goal is to make a difference for our clients and their customers.

We are pioneers with experience
12 years ago we founded Livework as the first service design company in the world.

A unique blend of design with behavioral economics
We are not a traditional consultancy or design agency. Our team is a unique blend of a designers’ ability to create desirable experiences with a businessperson’s understanding of what is viable and feasible for organisations.

This combination enables us to focus on the right problems or potential and deliver a solution that is tangible and exciting.

Our approach starts with listening and understanding, involves a systematic approach to services and the necessary creativity to both craft the details of customer experiences and the stories required to sell a concept.

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