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About Maternal Instinct

Clients (and other agencies) come to us so that moms will come to them. Brands like Hawaiian Airlines, Cord Blood Registry, Mamapedia, BabyCenter and eBay hire Maternal Instinct to create online and offline ad campaigns, brainstorm new business ideas, engage moms through social media, and advise them on future initiatives. Agencies utilize Maternal Instinct as a strategic partner when pitching female-friendly clients or when evaluating the success of their mom marketing efforts.

We often kick off new relationships with our signature product: The MBA Program. The Mom Brand Audit is a deep dive into every aspect of a client’s marketing — web, email, social media, positioning — resulting in a report filled with specific ways to up the mom-friendliness of the brand.

Our founder, Kat Gordon, is a seasoned speaker and has spoken on the topic of connecting with the most powerful consumer group in the world at The 140 Conference, Savor the Success, Rock the World, Synergos Salon, and to internal teams.

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