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About mCentrik Agency


mCentrik is an integrated creative agency that provides online marketing, marketing strategy and traditional advertising support to brands across the country. mCentrik’s creative team develops effective marketing strategies that get noticed and get results.

Are you ready to hit the refresh button on your marketing? We provide:

- Brand Strategy
- Website Development
- Advertising Campaigns
- Public Relations Campaigns
- Graphic Design/Logo Development
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Social Media Marketing

Why mCentrik?

By now you are probably thinking, wow mCentrik really has it going on! But what truly sets us apart from the others? It’s our client centric culture.

We function as your in house marketing team, just without the water-cooler talk and employee benefits. We view marketing as a collaborative process that only works when we all work together. That means we work seamlessly with your company to achieve the same goal. You get our strategic insight, our creative prowess and our innovative marketing techniques, all without the funny jokes or our lunch in your refrigerator.

Creative. Collaborative. Customer Centric.

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