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Why we're unique

Media iQ are a global analytics, technology company unlocking insights to help drive business growth.
We do this via our superior analytics platform AiQ, and a team of bright individuals to enable businesses to make powerful decisions by sharing unique insights with them at the most opportune moments.

Media iQ is headquarted in the UK with 7 offices across UK, US, Canada, Germany and a thriving R&D and Technology centre in India. We have over 200 + employees and have grown year on year in revenues. We have an incredible work ethic and culture and #tobeiQ is a way of ensuring we always inspire our stakeholders with insights.

We work across two business divisions; Media and Enterprise

We have been pioneers of programmatic solutions in Media and successfully have built and implemented robust programmatic solutions that deliver impact beyond the traditional performance metrics and have the ability to drive uplift and engagement for brands.

Our Enterprise offering is a must have for all CMO’s, CIO’S looking to transform their business through seamless integration of marketing channels and actioning insights using real-time data. It takes key learnings from the Media sector and offers an enhanced actionable analytics solution powered by a next-generation service team.

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