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About Us

Our economy has for the better part of recent decades seen an evolution of media like never before. Technology led to publishing with the printing press, photography thanks to the camera, and music flourished with the invention of instruments and then the record player, radio, and compact disc.

As the twentieth century wound to a close, we witnessed the impact of computer, software, internet, and smart phone; our experience with media is forever changed and we believe in that future seeing gaming, VR and immersive video, augmented reality, adtech, streaming, and more, changing not just entertainment but every facet of our lives.

MediaTech Ventures works at the heart of the entire industry. We work in support of artists, developers, producers, entrepreneurs, and financiers.

We consider “Media” a horizontal; the broadest set of things with which we work. Then define your work by way of the vertical, context, and consideration:

Vertical: Video/TV, Radio/Podcast, Print/Online, VR/AR, Video Game, Music…

Context: Live, entertainment, information, indie, international…

Consideration: Funding, mobile, development, distribution, recruiting…

We're working to create jobs, fund opportunity, and celebrate innovation in media.

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