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Melbourne Advertising is a team of highly skilled creative professionals delivering powerful communications that are relevant, memorable and effective. This full service boutique agency contributes to overwhelming success, serving clients who didn’t just survive the recession, they grew.

1. Define objectives, core values, primary/secondary media communications and target while developing an understanding of what makes our clients so special.
2. Provide cross-platform integrated advertising and marketing solutions that separate our clients from their competitors.
3. Capture the attention of an overwhelmed public and engage them on the devices they use.
4. Increase client brand performance and sustainability (Return on Advertising).
5. Track and measure success to identify new and on-going opportunities.

Our International experience and ability to recognize opportunity at a glance has quickly become an invaluable client asset. We don’t want to sound like a big agency because that’s not who we are or what we’re about. Melbourne Advertising remains on the forefront of a diverse global audience because we’re small enough to adapt with change, modify direction in real time and execute world-class creative that works.

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