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About Us

#Mensch helps conscious businesses attract millennials on digital platforms with engaging content.

We are good at identifying buyer journeys for your target customers and the right content for each stage of the journey.

We also understand that every social media channel is essentially a different platform altogether. We win by creating native content for each individual platform and spreading the word about it organically as well as through advertisements.

On a day to day basis, we do the following things to get you results.

Run Advertisements and Promotions:

We choose the right audiences, craft the ad copies and optimise budget spend for you to get maximum return on each rupee spent, driving real results to your bottomline.

Build and grow your online community:

Social communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram are the most amazing places to build a community and establish your brand. We help conscious companies tell their story on social channels to grow followers, engage people and find new customers by communicating responsibly.

Create content to attract, engage and delight your audience:

Content can serve many purposes - it can entertain, educate, inform and even nudge people to make a purchase. We create content for advertisements, social media, blogs, podcasts and websites to serve any of these purposes.

We create content in text, audio and video formats. We try to keep the content as fresh and as exciting as possible, rooting it in the local conversation style as your audience.

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