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About MG Advertising

MG Advertising is an in-store marketing and advertising company. We have a unique vision for reaching consumers, allowing our clients to maximize each and every store visit. Our in-store marketing campaign has developed unique programs to captivate consumers, reaching them where it matters most: In-store. Our programs help educate and inform consumers as purchase decisions are being made.

We are proud to call some of the most recognized retailers and advertisers in the world our clients. Our clients see more results from our in-store marketing campaigns than traditional forms of advertising like print, radio and television have been able to provide. With our in-store marketing campaigns we provide track able results that keep our clients coming back for more.

We are a proven in-store marketing agency 100% committed to delivering the highest-quality customer experience backed by results. Our mission, through our in-store demos, is to engage the consumer at the point of impact, create trial, build brand awareness and increase overall sales and profitability for our clients.

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