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About Us

Midcoast Studio is a visual solutions company driven by our passion, dedication and imagination. We offer services including CGI, Animation, AR/VR, Photography, Retouching and Video.

With photographic roots, we understand the importance of seeing the forest, and seeing the trees – where analyzing the big picture, and inspecting the details, shapes a holistic understanding of any given situation. This perspective not only underscores our creative approach but our business and operations.

We also understand that every project or product has its own set of challenges. We offer a customized and strategic approach to achieve objectives, maximize efficiency and maintain a premium result. Examples of various approaches can be seen in our range of expertise – from visual systems and asset planning to high-quality visuals that blur the line between CGI and photography.

Additional information about Midcoast and its service offerings may be obtained via the company's website, located at

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