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Why we're unique

Miller & Mattson provides technical, business, and marketing communications services for business of all sizes. We pride ourselves on our ability to translate highly technical information for any audience -- starting with technical specifications to create user manuals, web copy, marketing docs, reference cards, and more.i

Whether you're a multinational or operating on a shoestring -- we know how to help you get the most from your marketing budget.

We're physically located in Portland, Oregon, USA; but we work in the virtual world. We can run projects entirely online, and in fact have clients we have never met face-to-face. Don't let geography get in the way! We look forward to working with you, no matter where you are.

Our services include:

Marketing strategy and planning | Know what you’re going to say before you start saying it

Reference cards and online ref systems | Turn users into power-users and increase sales

3D modeling for product design and marketing | Launch your product before it’s back from the fab

Writing: marketing, business, and tech | Starting from your notes, interviews, or research

Full editing at all levels | From basic grammar all the way to tech reviews & full re-writes

Event support | Signs, collateral, booth planning and staffing, scheduling, logistics, & much more

Design and layout | Whether in InDesign, LaTex, XML, or Word: we can do it

Photo retouching and repair | Pretty pictures without a huge photography budget

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